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Register a Company / LLP or Partnership

Register a company in India! Doing business in India!

Indian market has huge potential. It is one of the highest growing markets in the world. Setting up of a subsidiary in India or the registration or incorporation of a company in India has been simplified! The companies can be registered or incorporated in one day. The governing law for companies in India is Companies Act, 1956. The other form of entity with limited liability is Limited Liability Partnerships (“LLPs”) registered under Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2009.

The first step of an entrepreneur to take in starting a new venture is creating a business entity. We offer entity formation services for entrepreneurs considering the suitability and advice to determine which entity is right for you. We help you to form the right entity for your business and advise you on compliance requirements under the various laws in India including the Foreign Exchange Laws. Foreign Investment in India is governed by the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999.

  • We will conduct a preliminary name search to confirm your business name is available.
  • We will include advanced provisions to limit liability of company directors/promoters
  • We create customized constitutional documents.
  • We liaison with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, India regarding the approval for registration.

Outsourced General Counsel

As your businesses grow, you find the need for more frequent legal advice than you can afford with an outside firm, but without enough to justify the need for a full-time General Counsel.

We offer “Outsourced General Counsel” services, which provide business with on-site, in-house counsel on a part-time basis. You can choose as little as one day on-site per month up to a few days per week. During that time, you can take advantage of an “in-house” attorney, without worrying about the billable hours. Fee arrangements are flat-fee, regardless of matter, which gives your business some predictability for your legal expenses.

Typical matters include:

  1. Contract Drafting and Review
  2. Lease and Real-Estate Matters
  3. Employment Policy Drafting and Review
  4. Labor Issues
  5. Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality/Non-Compete Agreements
  6. Dispute Resolution
  7. General Legal Advice

Outsourced Company Secretary

If your company does not require a full time employee to take care of your Company Secretarial Function, Outsourcing the role of Company Secretary to us ! We provide a professionally qualified specialist Company Secretary to take on the “burden” of administration and compliance with the Companies Act, 1956 as well as the entity’s constitutional documents.

Starting a non-business entity

Non-profit entities are designed with the objective of fulfilling social cause. We have experience helping social entrepreneurs start tax-exempt organizations. Our non-profit formation services include advice on board selection, drafting bylaws, completion of registrations.

Buying / Selling business

From taking on a new investor to purchasing business, we have experience creating a smooth transition process for your company. Our role depends on your needs. We can oversee and manage the entire transaction, negotiating the deal and coordinating other professionals involved or we can simply prepare and review the various legal documents. We will ensure that your company is in compliance of all the legal requirements of India.